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Meet the band! 


Micah Stromsoe DeLorenzo-      Singer/song writer 

Micah will give you a first impression that she is one of the nicest, sweetest, most content people you will ever get the chance to come across, but once you get to meet her.. You will find out that is exactly the case! She hit the ground running the instant she joined the Forever Unknown, sparking the band's instrumental with a voice that took them to the next level. 


Jacob Hutmire-      Guitarist 

It can easily be agreed upon that Jacob is the funniest one in the band, never failing to make someone laugh at any given moment. As one of the Forever Unknown OGs, its safe to say that he has shown his dedication and passion for the band year in and year out. Although he's a pretty laid-back guy, he's not afraid to smoke you in a drag race! 


Blake Bennett-      Guitarist 

Consider it a rare moment if you don't see this guy smiling, because that's one of the only expressions you'll see on his face. Blake kick-started Forever Unknown with Jacob, jamming and playing shows all the way through high school. During that span, he has probably broken somewhere around 20 strings while playing guitar, but that's beside the point. A man of many talents, he has been playing golf since the age of three, and is currently competing at the collegiate level. We wouldn't recommend playing against him in mini putt-putt. 


Isaac Fleece-      Bassist 

Similar to Blake, there is a good chance you will see Isaac smiling wherever he goes (I guess they're all just a smiling kinda band, huh?). Isaac joined the band along side Gavin in 2020, where he brought his musical talents with him and created some groovy bass-lines during the making of Forever Unknown's new and upcoming EP. He plays more instruments than you can count on your fingers, and is overall an outgoing guy who is always willing to strike up a conversation! 


Gavin Hanners-      Drummer

Talk about a guy that knows his rhythm! Gavin joined the band with Isaac in 2020, and right from the get-go, you could sense his aggression and passion while beating the drums. If you need any proof, he's currently competing with Blake's record for most broken guitar strings with his own record for most broken drum sticks. With this aggression also comes with a great amount of skill, as he has been playing since he was a kid with several years of being a part of his school's drum-line. Gavin is an overall cool guy to be around, and is always down to jam with you and give you a sick beat. 

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